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The Scheme language includes many elements of logic and functional programming. While less efficient than languages like C ++, the Scheme is simple and has rich built-in capabilities for manipulating complex data structures such as lists, vectors, trees, which minimizes the cost of creating programs. An easily extensible language, the Scheme provides a quick creation of working prototypes of programs that allow assessing the degree of success of a particular solution, clarifying the customer’s requirements.

As an interpreted language, Scheme allows working with data structures interactively using an interpreter window, and as a result, it is extremely convenient for experimenting with complex data structures and testing new approaches to their analysis. Therefore, it is advisable to study the capabilities of the language using the example of tasks related to data processing that has a rather complex structure, on the one hand, and use non-traditional methods of solution, on the other. This class includes assignments that are solved using new analytical methods based on evolutionary processes and graph analysis methods.

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